4 Vital Considerations When Choosing a New AC System in Cedartown, GA

Choosing an air conditioning system for your home in Cedartown, GA can be complex, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the equipment. We can help you make a good choice. All homeowners should consider these essential factors when selecting the right AC unit.

1. Efficiency

The efficiency rating of your air conditioner will tell you how much energy it uses and how much money you’ll save by using it. A less efficient AC may use more energy and cost you more money over time. According to Energy Star, AC units with a good SEER rating can save up to 8% of your energy costs.

2. Size of Your Home

Choosing the right size AC unit can help ensure that you get the best performance from it while reducing energy costs and ensuring comfort throughout your home. If you have a smaller home in Cedartown, GA, choosing a smaller AC unit that won’t take up too much space or cost too much money might be better. You can consult with our experts if you are unsure of the size of your home or the right size of AC unit you need.

3. Warranty

Both manufacturers and service providers offer warranties, ranging from one year to lifetime coverage. The length of your warranty depends on the quality of the product and how long it will likely last. It’s important to know what kind of warranty you’ll get when considering a new AC system to decide whether or not it’s suitable for your home.

4. Reliability and Quality

Reliability is essential because you don’t want to get caught in the heat without a way to cool down. Make sure to research your options and to buy an AC from a reputable brand, and remember, you can always consult an HVAC expert for help.

Buying a new AC can seem daunting, but feel free to contact our team at Haynes Heating & Air Conditioning if you need any additional information or assistance choosing a new AC system in Cedartown, GA.

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